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Sentral is school administration software designed for all school environments and is currently used by over 1,900 schools across Australia.

With its web-based suite of modules, Sentral provides a single comprehensive interface for the management, tracking and reporting of data for school administration, online learning and student management.

/ Business Problem

Sentral engaged DIJGTAL to identify the core usability issues in their software, and to fix these issues through quality experience design.

/ Approach

For our first project with Sentral, we conducted a heuristic review of their software. In this exercise, we provided detailed, in-context descriptions of usability issues across the platform, and provided high level recommendations on how best to address the overarching areas of concern.

Once this was complete, we were commissioned to redesign several core modules. This involved dissecting the current workflows, mapping out the ideal experience, then iterating concept designs until they were at a high fidelity.

At this point, we validated our designs with customers, and revised based on their feedback.

/ Outcome

DIJGTAL provided Sentral with a vastly improved evolution of their core workflows and navigational model, validated with customers. We continue to work in partnership with Sentral to improve their product offering.