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DIJGTAL were already engaged with ​Till Payments​ – creators of blockchain based intelligent payment and revenue assurance systems – supporting them on a whole stream of activities including business strategy, marketing as well as UX and UI design.

It is through this deeply embedded partnership we identified and conceptualised an amazing opportunity to build out a game changing product that showcased the colossal ability of the Till ecosystem, the​ Command Centre.​ A real-time revenue monitoring and assurance platform for smart cities that processes significant amounts of big data, visualising it into a meaningful dashboard that updates in real-time. Allowing a business to accurately keep track of every dollar of their revenue, across their entire network all over their country, 24/7.


Throughout our partnership, we’ve ensured that the Till Payments’ product roadmap has always been both innovation and human-led. At the 2018 Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, Till had showcased their tech and ability to perform real-time revenue assurance VAT monitoring. This was a highly sought after service as the Dubai Government had recently announced plans to commence a full roll out of value-added tax (VAT) across the United Arab Emirates. Although Till’s tech was well received by attendees, something was missing, and we knew there was an untapped opportunity just waiting to be discovered.

We knew that with the big data the Till ecosystem was collecting, there was BIG opportunity – it was just a matter of how it was harnessed. Big data is an extremely powerful and defining output to have at your disposal, but only if used smartly and in the correct manner. We spent time analysing the data to better understand where and how it could add value, as well as most importantly, identifying ​who​ would find it most valuable. The key was visualising the intricate data points in a meaningful way that resonated, and allowed actions to be taken by the core user groups.

/ Approach

DIJGTAL led the initiative and worked closely with Till Payments to map out the current UAE landscape, specifically how the government is currently managing the introduction of VAT (government reporting and controls, merchant eco-systems and enforcement procedures). It became evident through our research and problem analysis process that there were significant inefficiencies, along with a large number of common issues that occurred within their current VAT collection and reporting process (e.g. reporting errors, missing revenue, supply fraud and high logistical challenges with enforcing tax compliance).

We took these learnings and hypothesised a number of potential solution directions that would alleviate and build out a more scalable and robust solution for the government. Our solution design process allowed us to validate and refine the Command Centre concept, and how it would help visualise key data points surrounding all the identified issues, as well as build a more action orientated approach to ‘policing’ VAT. Ultimately providing a level of confidence and reassurance to the government’s revenue management process.

We also explored a number of solutions in the market in regards to government reporting platforms and enforcement management systems. We were able to observe a number of obvious gaps along with opportunities to add further value. In addition, we performed a full scale review of the merchant process and the data being pulled. We took this and mapped out the recommended user journey and data structure to help shape the basic functionalities and interactions of the platform.

/ Outcome

Intrinsic to our nature, we always look for ways to add further value outside of the initial engagement we’ve been employed for – the Command Centre for Till Payments is a result of that. We evolved Till’s presence at the 2019 Future Blockchain Summit, taking them to centre stage with a 5m x 2m screen housing the Command Centre. We created a functionally rich proof-of-concept that saw raw data feeds repurposed in a visually compelling and relevant real-time manner. This move positioned Till as one of the global leading authorities on revenue monitoring and assurance, and cemented their status as a company more than capable of helping Dubai take a significant step towards building out their smart cities strategy.

The 2019 summit was a resounding success. Till received huge interest from government parties and as a result, DIJGTAL and Till will now be moving into the full production process and building out the end-to-end product experience.