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Penny is a Personal Sales Assistant that blurs the lines between enterprise and consumer technology, modernising an underserved, niche industry worth $183bn. That industry is Multi-Level Marketing.

Penny streamlines and enables time efficient workflows that are tailored to the unique needs of consultants while providing data-driven recommendations to help foster and strengthen authentic personal relationships.

/ Business Problem

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry generated $183bn in 2017, yet traditional CRM’s have ignored the industry. Current CRM tools are disconnected and hard to use to manage the day-to-day communications and sales follow-ups required by direct sales consultants.

The founders of Penny AI turned to DIJGTAL to help develop their brand, but also to strategise and design their end-to-end MVP experience.

The goal was to identify a way to help Penny empower independent entrepreneurs to run smarter, more efficient businesses by providing technologies to organise, automate and streamline daily income producing activities.

More importantly, Penny needed to be seen as a personality, not just an app or an online tool.

/ Approach

Our approach started literally at the beginning. Through early customer research we developed the brand foundation, which allowed us to create a strong and relevant brand centered around Penny’s core user group (females 35-44). From here we established how the brand pillars and customer insights would help scaffold the overall product experience design, and how Penny would become the go-to experience for direct sales consultants.

Utilising a Lean and Agile driven product design approach, we worked closely with end users, as well as Penny’s founders and engineering team to design, test, iterate and build against carefully considered and researched user stories.

/ Outcome

Through the smart use of artificial intelligence and predictive technology, combined with an elegant and intuitive interface design, we succeeded in building more than just a brand. Our efforts shaped Penny into a personality that users immediately identify with. Users see Penny as their personal assistant that helps to organise their workflows, and to an extent, their lives.