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Concept Validation

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Danias are an iconic family business based in Marrickville. They are best known for their timber supply company, but are expanding into property development to help shape the future of their neighbourhood.

/ Business Problem

“Rich St.” is an initiative by The Danias Group for the cultural redevelopment of Sydney suburb, Marrickville, into a vibrant mixed-use area. They engaged DIJGTAL in order to validate the idea of developing Rich St as a hub for creative industries, and to build a deeper understanding of the people that might interact with it.

/ Approach

We began by interviewing employees and managers in creative industries. In our conversations with managers, we learned if and when they would consider moving their businesses to Marrickville. Speaking with employees then fleshed out our understanding of what’s important in a workplace, from geographic location all the way down to nuances in architecture.

We then supplemented these findings with secondary research on similar developments around the world. We examined creative hubs in London, San Francisco and Seattle that all faced similar challenges to Rich St, and learned a lot from their experiences.

/ Outcome

We found that Rich St would be an appealing creative hub if Danias could alleviate pains around public transport, proximity to clients, and value for money. DIJGTAL recommended supplying shuttle buses, putting initial strategic focus on influential client-side companies, and offering attractive rates in order to ensure the success of the precinct.