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SportsBetting (USA arm) is one of the leading names in the Northern American online gaming industry. They offer sports betting (surprise, surprise!), casino games, poker, esports, horses, and financial markets.


After more than ten years in the field, SportsBetting decided it was time to update their original brand to something that brought a fresh and clean feel to the market, and was aligned with their fan base.

/ Approach

First, we collaboratively developed the brand foundations with the extended global team, collecting their thoughts with in-depth questionnaires and micro-workshops.

From those foundations, we ideated different tones and visual styles until we landed on something that resonated. For the logo, we explored different sports emblem style concepts that gave the business a team-like feel. The iteration of these concepts culminated in a sharp, powerful yet approachable design that included both a wordmark and iconography.

After numerous refinements to make every part pixel perfect, we produced all the key elements to make up the construct of the SportsBetting brand.

/ Outcome

The result of our efforts was an extensive brand guide and visual identity pack that provided the correct application guidelines, highlighting the brand’s value proposition and market influence.