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Brand Strategy

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YOUniverse (formerly known as Sherpa Systems) is a fully integrated, cloud-based Human Resources software program, which combines all the tools that shift-based teams need to manage their daily work life more effectively.

/ Business Problem

Sherpa Systems had a desire to start fresh and re-introduce themselves to their market. They engaged DIJGTAL to come up with a new brand name and develop their new identity.

/ Approach

We began by going back to the very beginning to understand exactly what Sherpa Systems is, why it was created, and what sets it apart from the rest of the market. Comparing and contrasting this with what the leadership team aspire to in the future allowed us to establish the right direction for their brand.

The next step was to come up with a name. We workshopped this through creative name game activities, which identified relatable key terms. These terms fed into an ideation process that, after much feedback and revision, eventually led us to the word ‘YOUniverse.’

With the name agreed upon, we established the brand pillars, the mission and the voice, before progressing to the visual brand.

We iterated numerous diverse branding concepts before landing on the final treatment, which approaches the audience in a fun and positive manner, while also allowing the introduction of AI to their product.

/ Outcome

With a refreshed brand experience and enhanced user experience throughout their platform, YOUniverse has now firmly positioned itself as a major provider of HR Saas. They rolled out their new brand in 2017, and accompanied it with a brand awareness and customer acquisition marketing campaign led by DIJGTAL.