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Social Command Centre Design

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A multinational insurance company based in Sydney, whose brands underwrite a combined insurance premium of more than $10 billion each year across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

/ The Opportunity

Our client’s Social Marketing team was looking for a way to create an environment that they could use on a daily basis to engage with their customers, monitor their online reputation and optimise their strategy. They set aside a room in their new building to use for this purpose, and investigated off-the-shelf dashboard software to provide the functionality, but couldn’t find anything that suited their needs.

DIJGTAL were engaged to create a bespoke interactive multi-screen social media dashboard. In addition to this we will also be designing the spatial considerations for housing the dashboard.

/ Approach

We ran multiple workshops with the various teams who would utilise this technology. The key to this project was to ensure that the product was not just bells and whistles - it had to provide real, tangible value to support the team’s daily marketing decisions.

We started with simple concepts and iteratively collected user feedback, amping up the fidelity as we went until we’d reached the end design. Our front-end developers then worked with our client’s tech partners, Lexer and Shareablee, to build the functioning dashboard and connect it to live data streams.

/ Outcome

The outcome was an interactive social command centre that displays day-to-day social and marketing activities for our client over eight massive screens. This platform connected the APIs (Application Programming Interface) of Lexer and Shareablee, which visualise competitors’ data, support team messages, user and fan sentiment gauges, top trending posts and Facebook ad data.