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PWC is the second largest professional services network in the world, and we were fortunate enough to partner with their Innovation Incubator Ghost Lab team, to bring to life a very special idea. The Ghost Lab team are responsible for creating ingenious new products for global, enterprise level brands, and together we ​identified a market and the opportunity that supported them in creating a proof of concept called ​The Affinity Marketing Platform. A platform that connected financial products with global brands.

/ Opportunity

We live in an economic climate where there’s no loyalty to banks. Think about it, if you’re in the market for a home loan and there’s a bank offering the lowest home loan rate whilst your usual bank isn’t offering anything special, even though you’re an existing customer, which bank are you going to choose? Now let’s think about this from another angle. What if a non-financial brand that you loved, trusted and followed could give you the same low rate home loan PLUS added exclusive benefits that you were actually excited about? How could this possibly work? Enter DIJGTAL.

We were tasked with finding a seamless way in which PWC financial clients could sell their products to the loyal customers of enterprise level, non-financial brands. For example, let’s say you’re a huge fan of Nike, what if you could get a low rate Nike home loan that was powered by an Aussie bank, which also delivered you a pair of limited edition, collectable Nikes upon commencement of your loan? Sounds pretty crazy right?

/ Approach

DIJGTAL worked closely with the PWC Ghost Lab team, conducting alignment workshops to extract their current thinking and ideas, as well as unveil insights and audience knowledge. From this session, we were able to distill key information like the core user types, use cases and workflows.

Then we conceptualised and validated a seamless solution design, which incorporated a considered end-to-end customer journey. With a solidified understanding, we were able to design and develop a high fidelity prototype, which was then validated by users, and iterated based on their feedback. Once all of the research was completed, we designed and built a working proof of concept of the end-to-end UX and UI.

/ Outcome

At the end of the project, PWC had a fully functional system that they could demonstrate to their clients. After trialling our beta version with positive results and uptake with clients, PWC then rolled out Affinity as an internal global platform.