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Hare & Forbes Machinery House is an Australian family operated business specialising in workshop and engineering equipment since 1930.

/ Opportunity

Hare & Forbes MachineryHouse has been around long before the internet, built by two dedicated families whose descendants, to this day, still manage the business. Their commitment to selling quality specialised products, combined with excellent customer service, are a testament as to why they’re still going strong. However, there came a time when they realised they needed help in conquering the ever evolving landscape of online retail, as well as social media. So DIJGTAL was engaged to help them increase Return On Investment (ROI) for their Australian website and retail stores.

/ Approach

We developed and executed a nationally targeted multi-channel online content brand activation and awareness program that ran across their social media channels, SEO, SEM and blogs. This ran concurrently with strategically targeted acquisition and remarketing campaigns across social media channels and Google. All content we created or repurposed was geared towards celebrating the passion the target audience held for their line of work or favourite hobby, and what they could accomplish using Hare & Forbes tools.

All activity was designed to drive traffic, sales and enquiries to the online store as well as foot traffic to the physical retail stores. This program of work enabled us to tap into, build, educate and inspire an eager online community interested in woodwork, metalwork and automotive engineering.

All of this was accomplished whilst keeping true to the essence of what makes this family-run business special – their dedication to excellent customer service – because when you purchase from Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse, it’s not just a sale, it’s the beginning of a partnership.

/ Outcome

Hare & Forbes MachineryHouse has achieved outstanding growth year on year during the life of their partnership with DIJGTAL, ​positioning them as the number one engineering and machinery retail brand in Australia​. Through our activation, we’ve increased the company’s online and in-store sales with a strong ROI, whilst consistently lowering customer conversion costs.

The result of our activity has humanised the brand online, establishing a unique identity that enables them to build an authentic connection with their community through useful, entertaining and inspirational content.