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Enthusiast Motor Insurance (a brand owned by Assetinsure) covers all types of cars from brand new to vintage, including show cars, investments, modified and private/grey imports.

/ Opportunity

Enthusiast Motor Insurance originally launched in 2010 as a B2B service via insurance brokers. When they approached DIJGTAL they were wanting to expand their offering and sell directly to consumers.

In order to achieve this, they needed to establish their brand in the market, differentiate themselves from competitors and build their online presence. The end goal was to convert website visitors into customers via their online quote tool which also allowed consumers to purchase their policy online to obtain coverage instantly.

/ Approach

DIJGTAL and Enthusiast Motor Insurance worked together on defining the look and feel of the brand, their positioning in the market amongst competitors and how they wanted to present themselves to consumers.

DIJGTAL spearheaded the direct-to-consumer campaign, executing an aggressive approach for online quoting and policy conversions. Our strategy was focused around search engine and social media campaigns, with a supported social media content program for national brand activation and awareness.

/ Outcome

As a result of this activity Enthusiast Motor Insurance has experienced a significant shift away from the reliance on brokers, changing their business model completely, with the majority of their focus on selling direct to consumer. The business has achieved phenomenal growth month-on-month, stamping its authority in the enthusiast motor insurance market, becoming the fastest growing specialised motor insurance brand in Australia.

Through our activation, we’ve increased the company’s online quotes and policy conversions consistently, with a focus on lowering customer conversion costs. Our strong content and social program supports the acquisition campaign to ensure results and targets are constantly met.