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Chalk is a talk event like no other that connects the creative community through intimate conversations with iconic artists, designers and cultural influencers from all over the world. Established in August 2018, founded and managed by DIJGTAL, it is used as a platform in which to build a community and share unique opinions from different individuals on culturally relevant subjects.


We saw a gap in the market. We wanted to create an event that celebrated opinions whilst connecting the creative community through intimate, meaningful and inspiring conversations with cultural influencers. An event that provided a memorable experience, one that left an imprint on attendees.

We were in the midst of organising the launch of one of our ventures, Peanut Butter Jelly – a unique, progressive dining experience housed within a culturally creative space – when we were struck by an idea. We had invited an array of internationally renowned artists to paint bespoke murals on the restaurant walls. As most of them were going to be in town at the same time, and each had experienced such diverse paths to success, we figured why not launch our talk event and get them involved in that too? Provide an opportunity for fans to get to know these worldwide cultural influencers on a more intimate level. It was too good an opportunity to pass up.

And so, Chalk came to fruition.

/ Approach

We knew we wanted to create a talk event that became a platform in which global/local cultural opinion leaders and influencers could tell their story. It would facilitate an intimate and open discussion in front of a selected audience, allowing us to build a meaningful and authentic connection with attendees. We decided to call it Chalk.

Why Chalk? Those who attended school when the humble chalkboard was once the focus of the classroom remember how this blank space, with a piece of chalk, formed the portal to academic advancement. The purpose of those tools were to educate eager minds, and spark inspiration through conversations and illustrations. The purpose of Chalk is much the same – it’s where like-minded individuals come to connect, learn and get inspired.

Once we had settled on a name, our talented team created the branding, and we carefully curated our guest list.

We then set three event dates; the first night dedicated to Mister Cartoon (Los Angeles), second night to Madsteez (New York) and the third night was a joint discussion with Usugrow (Tokyo) and Australian-based artist Mayonaize (Melbourne).

The communal space in the DIJGTAL office was transformed into the Chalk studio, where our remarkable guests shared stories, advice and most importantly, laughs.

/ Outcome

Chalk was a success! We’ve now created a unique voice in the market that celebrates opinions. Chalk season one was so truly engaging that it established an emotional connection with all attendees and as a result, created a genuine want for more seasons.

“The event was so cool, I learnt so much and was inspired.”
Bonny, Adidas Australia

“Chalk 2018 was an amazing experience as it gave me an insight into the minds and experiences of these creative leaders in their respective fields. It afforded me the insight to look past what I had but to look forward to what I can have through hard work”.
Eugene, Canon Australia

“Mr Cartoon is a true inspiration through his art. After having the privilege of sitting through the Q&A and getting an insight into his life and family life, it really makes me see why he is who he is, real. It was an amazing event and hope there are many more.”
Julie, JD Sports